New Workshop and Bow Rehairing

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any updates to this site, but now that I’ve been in my new workshop for some time now it is definitely time to unveil a few photos of the place. This is a shot of part of the inside of the shop. Pictured is my assistant monitoring the temperature of the freshly poured casting materials. This cast was made to aid in performing a sound post patch on a cello. More photos will come in future posts, I promise. Give me a call, make an appointment, and I’d be glad to show you around the new place!

In addition to having a new (and much larger!) workshop, I have been spending quite a bit of time with the bowmaker Michael Duff of Berg Bows. I have always sought the top professionals in the field to learn from, and Mr. Duff is a master and pioneer in the field. I have been working with him for some time rehairing and repairing bows under his tutelage, and he has given me his blessing to begin performing bow rehairing services professionally. Contact me for a bow rehair today! I also offer a free pickup/dropoff service for those IU students that do not have their own transportation. You can find me Tuesdays at 10AM in the Jacobs School of Music East Studio building lounge.