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Established in 2009, Bloomington String Instruments is southern Indiana’s premiere full-service violin shop specializing in restoration and repair of fine violin, viola, cello and bass instruments.

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Repair & Restoration

We believe that your instrument is an art machine, something more than a tool to make music or an objet d’art. Accordingly, we provide a full range of repair and restoration services that maximize sound quality and projection while making sure that your instrument never looks its age.

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Bow Rehair

We know that to achieve top sound quality your bow is at least as important as your instrument. We use the best horsehair available and our rehair appointments fill up quickly so make sure to schedule your appointment today.

Black White Salt & Pepper
Violin $90 $90 $90
Viola $90 $90 $90
Cello $90 $90 $90
Bass $90 $99 $99

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bow repair and rehair

Available Instruments

Browse our online gallery of selected available instruments and make an appointment to come by and see us. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call, not all instruments and bows are shown on this page.

We strive to find an instrument and bow that is right for each player. Whether you’re a globe trotting professional or an advancing student, don’t be shy, give us your specifications for a custom handmade instrument or tell us what qualities you’re trying to find.

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Selected Restorations
Flat Back Double Bass Repair

  Before Center seam & rib structure gave way due to maker not using properly seasoned wood from ladder bracing… Learn More

Frog Crack Before
Bass Bow Frog Crack

Before [gallery type="rectangular" ids="711,712"] After Glue removal from previous luthier Damaged wood removed Optical epoxy fill Shape and finish Learn More

Cello Neck Reset

Cello Ready for Reset [gallery type="rectangular" ids="687,686"] Setting Neck [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" ids="688,689"] After [gallery type="rectangular" ids="690,691"] Learn More